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Professional Details

About Us revolutionizes online kickboxing and boxing coaching with a dynamic app connecting expert coaches to enthusiasts. Train anywhere, anytime, breaking down traditional barriers.

Our Vision

Empower individuals with the skills and confidence to excel in kickboxing and boxing. Access expert coaches for personalized support and real-time guidance.

Meet Our Coaches


Our experienced kickboxing and boxing coaches tailor expertise to your unique goals. Whether a beginner or enthusiast, receive personalized feedback and motivation to thrive

Join Our Team


Passionate kickboxing or boxing coaches wanted! If you have expertise, excellent communication skills, and a commitment to client success, join us in the digital martial arts coaching revolution.



  • Conduct live, one-on-one coaching through our app.

  • Provide personalized feedback and motivation.

  • Collaborate with the team in virtual meetings.

  • Tailor coaching sessions to individual needs.

  • Follow's Standards of Performance.



  • Expertise in kickboxing and/or boxing coaching.

  • Exceptional online coaching communication skills.

  • Relevant certifications and coaching experience.

Equal Opportunities at


We celebrate diversity and do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, civil or family status, disability, or race. Join us in shaping the future of online martial arts coaching at!

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